That was Then, This is Now

What have I gone and DONE? Take back ownership of my mouth and body, that’s what. I started late last fall looking like this. Five foot six inches tall and two hundred and twenty-five pounds. I’ve been up and down from that most of my adult life, but never have really been able to get a real grip on my eating habits.  But I have, I finally have. No, seriously.

Version 2

Me, 225 pounds.

I began last fall to begin to cut back on things like candy, pasta, bread. Smaller portions, healthier options of food, much less sugar. Then I added in various exercises, walking, a bit of running, long hikes, doing cardio and strength work with YouTube videos over the winter. Getting a little movement coaching from my son, Justin. I also began really looking at why I ate so much all the time and I came to the conclusion that overeating for me was not only a bad habit, but had emotional roots that needed to be dug up and ripped out. I’m happy! EAT! I’m MAD! EAT! I’m sad. EAT!!! EAT! EAT! I am fully aware that our Standard American Diet was developed to make us want more, more, more, which doesn’t help anyone trying to eat healthier. In fact, when one does pass on dessert, bread, soda, candy, it usually raises the eyebrows of those around. Too bad.

Then February happened. I somehow came upon the book The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. Then I read his 21-Day Transformation book. I read every. single. word. in those books, joined his email list, got his free Primal Fitness book. Soaked that up too. By March I was down 25 pounds and feeling super encouraged, so I committed to 30 days of Primal eating. No grains, no legumes, only healthy oils and fats and very little sugar. (My treat is a little sugar in my morning coffee and one square of a high quality chocolate bar after dinner. Oh, and wine. Yes. Wine.) Lots of vegetables, good quality meat and fish protein, limited dairy. For more detailed info, get Mark’s book or check out his website!


Me, March 2016. 199 pounds.

Interestingly enough, March was not as hard as I thought it would be. I went cold turkey, no cheating, no treats of bread, pasta, tortillas, beans. Or M&M’s. I also began adding in the primal fitness plan. Weekly sprints, squats, planks, push-ups and pull-ups. Baby ones, starter ones, but I did them. I LOVE the fact that in Primal Fitness – there are 4 levels to get up to actually doing a real push up or squat or any of the others. You can always do SOMETHING for fitness even if you start out very small. Five wall push-ups. Try it.

By the end of March I’d lost NINE pounds! I ate well, moved well and felt fantastic. Not only that, but I also decided to stay with the Primal Blueprint way of eating indefinitely.

Two more months went by and by May:

Me, May 2016, 40 pounds gone! 185 pounds.

Me, May 2016, 40 pounds gone! 185 pounds.

So here we are in September. I am still eating well, doing sprints weekly, doing my 2 circuit work out of squats, planks, push-ups and pull-ups about twice a week and long walks and hikes as often as I can. I reset my goal weight three times. Originally 155, then 150, now 145. That is where I am keeping it and I will see how my body feels when I get there. I know for many people the scale isn’t the thing. But for me it is. I need to see the belly go down and the numbers go down. I weigh myself every day. I only ever record losses in weight. If I’m up some for a day or two – I don’t record that. I work at it until I can get the number down. It is highly rewarding! The way I look and feel now – 20 more pounds does not seem excessive. The belly (and residual back fat!) has got to go. I also just cleaned out my closet, donated two bags of fatlady clothes and altered 3 pair of stretch denim jeans to fit me through this last transition. I no longer enjoy baggy jeans!

As my body adjusts to the freedom it has now, I’m beginning to cut back portions again. Believe me, I am not hungry much! I eat well. But I’m finding that I just don’t need the quantity of food – even if it’s a great salad with BBQ’d chicken – that I used to need. If I get hungry between meals I have a handful of almonds, a cup of tea or a small slice of my favorite sharp cheddar.  I’m also no longer tempted to eat things that called to me all the time before. It is just not worth it. I feel so much better, mentally, physically and emotionally than I have in a long, long time.



Yours truly, September 2016. SIXTY pounds gone. 165 pounds.

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3 Responses to That was Then, This is Now

  1. Maggie Wyatt says:

    Hey friend! So glad I read this! What a journey you have been on. You are brave and strong with great determination that inspires me! I am glad you share your struggles with everyone. We all benefit so very much. Keep going, keep educating! I sure appreciate you!

  2. Judi Silva says:

    thank you Connie for sharing your new health and weight lost program. I will be one
    of many picking up Mark Sisson’s book. This does sound doable and your experience
    is trustworthy. the book have a section as to what to do once you meet your goal?

    So proud of you my niece. Love Auntie Judi

  3. mom says:

    You are an example for all us women. This is a very cool way to resent your story. Love it and I love you.

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