I Should Go To The Woods

I should go to the woodsIMG_7569

And breathe the fresh air

Walk along old dirt roads

Then drop all my cares

I should revel in sunshine

Or kick around leaves

Watch woodpeckers hammer

At cracks in the trees

I should sit down for a while

On a stump or a rock

Forget about time

Ignore all the clocks

Just listen to the silence

To the birds while they sing

To hear what God’s saying

Oh the peace that will bring

I like to watch leaves fall

Hear their crunch underfoot

See a weasel run swiftly

Then dash under a root

Take a deep breath of pine scent

Mixed with rich spruce and fir

Damp earth, rocks and wood

Fills my senses for sure

The quiet it calms me

His presence directs me

Reminds me He’s got it

And I’ll be okay.

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