Winter Hawking, with Eagles and a Surprise.

Took a walk along Sand Creek the other day, scoping out where I’ll begin leading my first bird walk in quite awhile.  It was clear, cold and beautiful and I saw some lovely birds.

This first beauty – Red-tailed Hawk – but no red tail? Closest match in the Sibley Guide seems to be a Southwestern Juvenile.

IMG_3789The next two photos are of the same bird. Very pale tail – missing many feathers.

IMG_3796 IMG_3804

Here is a little beauty – any guesses?

IMG_3823Adult male American Kestrel.

These two are fun! The larger bird is new and I believe the smaller one is the same bird as the one in the first photo. I’m always amazed at the differences in Red-tailed Hawk plumages. Some hanky-panky going on here I think.

IMG_3826 IMG_3827

And THEN such a glorious surprise right above my head! I believe this is a 3rd year Bald Eagle. There were actually two of them, both juvenile birds.

IMG_3841 IMG_3845

And then someone found ME. Now you see her.


Now.. you don’t.


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