Movin’ To The City


Yes, you read that right, we are.

After graduating our 11th child from high school, it’s time. Al is ready to have a 20 minute one-way commute vs. a nearly 90 minute one-way commute. We looked at a LOT of houses. In all sorts of neighborhoods, and found this one.  Nice remodeled home on nearly a half acre in a quiet subdivision with lots of trees in SE Aurora.  Just across Cherry Creek State Park from Al’s office. Easy ride for him, pretty spot for me and the dogs. Oh, and it’s NOT a fixer upper. We’ve had enough of those!IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0661

We’ll be heading down there in September, and hopefully will have our house here on 9E sold by then!

In the meantime, I’m working with my puppy Badger, getting him ready for showing, taking hikes, going swimming and having coffee with friends. Not to mention keeping the house show-ready for prospective buyers.  Still enjoying summer here at Kingfisher Cabin as well!


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