The snow is finally beginning to clear, we’ve had it on the ground since Christmas I believe. Here is a lovely forest near Sisters, Or. IMG_6261

It has been a pretty good winter so far, we visited Josh and Mary in Oregon for Thanksgiving, had a nice Christmas at home. Seriously contemplated selling and moving south of Denver, closer to Al’s work, but decided against it after looking at houses for over a month and just not finding anything as nice as this any closer to his workplace.IMG_2755

The Evening Grosbeaks visit now and then. The are the most beautiful birds.IMG_6503

Day after day we’ve been showered with unbelievable color. It reminds us how blessed we are. How we are so fortunate to live in this lovely place.


How every day has it’s own beauty.

Before the ice froze up we had a lake full of Canada and Cackling Geese. I also found one Canada Snow Goose cross.


After the water froze only the ducks stuck around.


Then when it got really cold and frozen, they all left. Probably hiding and feeding in sunny spots along the edges of the river and exposed banks.

IMG_2590 Now here we are in mid-winter and the snow is gone, the top of the ice has melted and frozen repeatedly. Some days shining like glass, others a dull, soft blue.

And today, Robins in the yard, everywhere, tossing leaves from under bushes, looking for live food to eat.

Spring can’t be far off.

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