Well. I’m Back.

It was a long four months. Digging out, cleaning up, repairing from the flood. But by the grace of God and helpful family and friends we did it. 
This view is looking south from my bedroom door that leads to the roof. You can see the new fence that was replaced after the flood. Where the snow and dirt is I need to replant grass. 
 Swinging to my right/ west and you can see where my landscaped large berm was. Since the flood we had it all graded out to a slope from the road on the right to the lake on the left. We’ve planted 17 new evergreens, and I’ll need to add native grasses this spring. There used to be a 6-foot fence between us and the neighbors. We opted to not replace it.
Further right/west looking toward the road you can see a bunch more of the new trees. All the dirt you can see was driveway that we had graded and will plant in native grasses and some flowers. Our entryway driveway now ends just to the right of the last tree.
Swinging back to the left, looking east, (still standing upstairs, looking out my bedroom door) you can see the fence is all back up. This part of the yard received little damage except the part to the right of my small pond. But the fence from the gate to out of the pic was all torn out. You can see 3 new evergreens on the left. 
This view is from the front west facing window. This area took a hard hit and had to be completely re-graded. Lots of mud and wet here. All the fence to the left, out of the pic was completely taken out. All is fixed. This is the main yard the dogs are in so there is lots of mud. I reseeded a bunch last fall. Hopefully it will come in well this spring. 
We are finally done with all our repairs and feel like we can move on and have some fun.. which brings me to..
My January Garden. More to come.
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