Working Towards Recovery #1

I am still amazed at how much damage the tremendous force of water can do. 
Here is the front yard garden, berm, and native grassland before the flood.
During the flood – waters are low and receding.
The same area after the flood. The fence and four cords of wood were behind the stacked flat rock.
The berm, washed out and covered with driveway gravel.
How it looks today after about 8 hours of bobcat work. I’ve re-planted 3 trees that we removed on the right edge.
 Here is my backyard pond before the flood.
After the flood. No fish were left in the pond, but the 3 wild frogs were still there.
After Anna, Mom and Lauren helped me clean it out. Only one of the 3 large decorative stumps I had were still around. The little Bosnian Pine is left from the berm.
I am so thankful for the help we’ve gotten in putting things back together.
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