Summertime Fun

This morning, day two of our Tile Job, I was able to go upstairs since the floor dried, look down, and this is what my new floor looks like before grout. Oh. My. Word. Lovely.
Here is a close up of the detail work done around trim, heaters and such. Nice.
Manuel begins applying the grout. Divine I tell you, simply divine.
 Most of the living room was grouted today. 
 After many days of our house being out of sorts waiting for this to happen, and now that it’s happening, it’s good. But it is amazing how tiring it is living on the patio and having your fridge and freezer keep you company out there. Maggie and I went for a drive, we saw this tree. There were many, many LIVE trees. But this dead cottonwood caught my eye. Al? Are you listening?
 Here she is, concentrating, driving, keeping us safe. Far, far from any traffic. Note green pastures and pasty skies – smoky skies.
 Here I am teaching my eleventh child how to drive.
We had a nice dinner at Asian Cafe and when we got home the guys were gone. The bathroom took most of the time today. How many angled cuts out of the tile on the right of the heater?
 Five angles on this cut tile.
 Back in the living room, mostly grouted. 
 A close up. Such cool stuff Saltillo Tile.
 Inside the “closet” next to the fire place in the living room.
Maggie and the dogs and I grabbed some ice cream and settled in for a session of Heartland. Who wants ice cream??
 Kevin loves watching TV. Which we are doing upstairs, because everything is out of the house down stairs.
That’s all. Goodnight.
Al will be home from Albuquerque Friday. He’s missing all the fun!
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