Chicken House!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had chickens.
We have this huge wood pile that was left here when we moved in.
My wonderful husband sorted, de-nailed, and stacked.
 Reclaimed wood ready to go.
We raked out and leveled the spot. The building has begun! The house will be 8 x 12.
 Walls are up!
Al’s getting some help with the siding. Look how awesome! The roofing was left here too.
Eeeeeee! Check out the inside.
My turn – floor painted with 3 coats to seal it.
 We covered the windows in heavy duty wire and hung them on hinges with chains to hold them open and this nifty latch to keep them closed.
 The birds are in and settled, they love it!
I painted it. Every time I catch a glimpse of it I think the UPS truck is here!
 Boidies enjoying the sunshine.
 Yard fenced, trees trimmed, wow! Between the kennel panels that were here and some from a friend I was able to make a great yard for them.
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