Birding With "Lucky Al"

Al and I went out to Pawnee National Grasslands recently – he’d never been out there. It was time, so we went. Here is a lovely Lark Bunting, our state bird.
This little camouflaged beauty I believe is a Brewer’s Sparrow.
The ever present Horned Lark. Speaking of Horned Larks – we got to witness a very cool thing – part of their mating dance it seemed. Male chasing female, both in a low, running crouch, round and around and around the bushes. So fun to see bird behavior.
Oh my – Lucky Al! A stunning male Chestnut-collared Longspur, we saw four.
The beautiful McCown’s Longspur.
And. AND! We saw Mountain Plover. Lucky Al got all three grassland specialties on his first trip out. 
Lovely Swainson’s Thrush.
We drove down to Lower Latham and spotted this pair of Northern Harrier’s. The female is on a nest!
White-faced Ibis and Willet.
Close up of the Willet.
What a great day we had early spring on the prairie. I went out a few weeks later and couldn’t find any Chestnut-collared Longspurs, which was interesting. I wonder if they nest further north. 
Been out birding on the prairie lately? What did you find?
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