Spring Marches in at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Well I did my monthly visit to Denver Botanic Gardens in March. It was lovely.
I “discovered” these lovely ducks in Marnie’s Pavilion, but have yet to figure out what kind they are. Very cute and about the only birds I saw or heard there!
 Lovely Crabapple tree full of last seasons fruit. No robins partaking though.
And the conifers….oh my are they lovely. Speaking of Conifers, I’m taking a class there April 20th, taught by Pat Hayward. Conifers Class. I can hardly wait.
There were a few sneaky crocus flowers that I enjoyed very much.
 Such teeny exquisite beauty.
 And here is a midget kind of an Iris. Amazing.
 Little tiny spots of glory here and there.
 In some places they had names which I appreciated.
 I love this – I think it’s Little Bluestem grass – the pink stuff and more crocus coming up.
More lovely bunches.
A rather brazen group here. Makes one want to lay down next to them and have a conversation.
Snow drops I think. Wow.
 Birch and Pine Trees. Does life get any better than this?
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