Some Fun Utah Birds

La Sal Mountain Loop road is a great and interesting tour. The road was open and we did not see another person. 
But we saw this lovely male Dusky Grouse.
 This Crow was on a fence post in Castle Valley, part of the loop, and was making clicking sounds as he danced up and down. We couldn’t see any females, but he put on quite a show.
A Rock Squirrel, soaking up some sun.
 This bird we found in Canyonlands and I really enjoyed seeing a small flock. Only one cooperated for a photo, but it was enough. Black-throated Sparrow. Lovely.
This little interlude was very fun. Two Common Ravens being pegged by Pinyon Jays. Looks closely, can you see the jay’s mouth open in a SQUAWK?
 The Raven wasn’t to concerned, with me or the jays.
 Pinyon Jays are amazing.
 And very loud, constantly.
An amazing view off of Dead Horse Point.
If you have never been to Moab, you should go.
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