Lovely Visit To Moab, Utah

Al and I recently took a mini vacation to Moab, Utah. Have you ever been there? It’s lovely. 
We stayed at Red Cliffs Lodge, see it down there? Right where the Colorado River meets the road.
We went for a one hour horseback ride and saw this sign at the stables. 
Loved it.
Our rowdy and rambunctious steeds await. Mine is the one on the far left. Sundance.
Some of the beautiful scenery we enjoyed.
Al – Cowboy Man of the West on Harley. Whoa Boy!!
Our guide Jill expounding on the wonders of the west. Check out that view, will ya?
My trusty mount again, Sundance.
 We did some driving around too, here is a pic of Castle Valley.
 And me taking photos of the wide open spaces in Canyonlands.
Of course I loved this fencing made up of dead juniper trunks and branches.
 You can’t even believe the magnitude of this scenery. 
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