Simon Is Thankful, And So Are The Birds

My beloved husband Al hung up my bird houses recently. It was a sunny February afternoon. Perfect for climbing twenty-plus feet up in the air on a big ladder with heavy birdhouses and a drill. 
I appreciate it, I really do.
 Al used to be a cable TV Advanced Tech and spent a lot of time on a ladder like this high in the air. I think this ladder weighs like 90 pounds.
 Here he is:
 And here is the big, heavy flicker house now in place.
This one was tricky as the tree is small, down a hill and right by the lake. 
A Downy Woodpecker house.
Al is installing a nice WBU Robin’s ledge house on the shop.
He’s even smiling. He loves me. Up he goes with a Chickadee house to install on a Russian Olive tree.
I wonder who will use it?
 Now he’s heading up high to install a Chickadee house on an Ash tree. You try climbing a ladder with both hands full!
He doesn’t even mind when I tell him exactly where to hang it. 
“Tell me what to do, but don’t tell me what to do.”
 Hey! Simon’s back! He certainly approves. It’s been a long, dark winter in the shop for him. Look for him next time you visit.
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