Tiptoe Through The Tulips. Next Spring That Is.

Here is our new fence. It needed something here on the side that faces west, toward the road. So I got out my trusty baby Troy-built tiller.
I went over this mix of gravel road base and nice soil about 6-8 times. The little tiller did the job.
 Then I raked and raked and raked the soil out.
And raked.
And took a break from raking to take this picture and get some air. (Poor, poor Globe Willow tree, but we had it pruned and sawed and snipped. Hopefully it will flourish again next spring.)
 Still needing air, I took another picture. Nice rake job, eh?
 Finally, after pouring 300 plus bulbs of various tulips and daffodils in a big bin and mixing them up, I scattered those bulbs in the trench, taking time to even them out a bit. 
 Then I got to rake some MORE. Putting all the soil back over the bulbs. About a week later I added about 4 inches of nice topsoil and some “pole peeling” mulch on top of that. So..
Hopefully we’ll have gloriously riotous color in the spring!
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