Drunk in the Gardens

None of the birds in the Denver Botanic Gardens would admit anything.
 But I’m sure the Robins were drunk. 
Fermented Crabapples were everywhere, on the trees and on the ground.
They were imbibing heavily.
Even the squirrels were embarrassed. 
After all that liquor, they needed a drink.
 This was the place, where it all was going down. The lovely Oak Grove happened to be surrounded by Crabapple Trees. Why wasn’t it called Crabapple Grove?
Or better yet, The Robin’s Pub?
 I had to leave for awhile and visit other parts of the Gardens. It was getting dangerous. I’m sure one robin has a piece of my ear.
This feller was singing a delightful whisper song. Ever heard it? Kind of like they’re singing under their breath, so you only hear it if you’re right next to them. With your mouth hanging open at the wonder of it.
 This Spotted Towhee was completely mum. Wouldn’t say a word about the robins behavior.
I think the Cedar Waxwings were guilty too. When I finally found them, deep in the pines, trying not to fall off their perches as they preened, they were buzzing and trilling under the influence.  
All in all, a rather liquorious day at the Gardens. 
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