What I Do For Fun

We have had unseasonably warm weather, so I keep playing outside. Building backyard habitat is something I really, really enjoy. Yesterday and today, I dug my new yard pond. I took my time.
I dug it about 7 feet by 6 feet wide. I actually did this part the day before.
 Here it is all dug. I tilled the dirt I had dug out, leveled, raked and firmed it up around for the berm.  Note Kevin’s ladybug.  
 Underlayment, liner and water, how fun! I used a level to make sure the sides were even. Looks pretty good from here.
 I didn’t have enough rocks to complete the decor around the edges and blending in to the landscape. The flat rocks in front are holding the liner down for now. Of course that means a trip to the rock store! (On the western slope, above Montrose where I lived before Loveland, I used to be able to collect rocks with a permit. Can’t do it on this side of the mountains!) 
Next spring I’ll plant low growing thyme and other plants to blend the pond in with it’s surroundings.
The back of the pond is more shallow than the front, which is deep. Fish! I’ll be adding some, maybe tomorrow. The shallow area is for the birds.  More work to do.
First attempt at the water fall. Works pretty good. I’ll probably fool with the rock positioning more to soften the flow a bit. You can see the pond heater, I’ll find out pretty soon whether it is a big enough heater for the size of the pond.
 View from the window.  We still have to put the power in. We will dig a trench, put in a conduit and a 4-plex outdoor power box at the back of the pond.
Already I’ve had  House Finches, White-crowned Sparrows and a Harris’s Sparrow visit the pond. I’m gonna have to keep a yard POND list! 
Such a fun day. 
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