Trees Are Not The Answer, But I Sure Like Them

So, I’m from New England, right?
 I feel like a westerner at heart, but the deep forests of New England still call to me, and I’m constantly trying to recreate them around my home. but this is the first time I’ve bought these kind of trees.
 I happened upon four lovely birch trees at a local nursery. 
Big, beefy, birch trees.

Here is one, on the east side of the house. Betula Nigra, River Birch. Our new house is in the Big Thompson river valley after all.

These two in front of the house are Royal Frost Birch, a hybrid. Beautiful in the winter and purple leaves in the summer.
The other river birch is in the back yard.
A closer view. I know, I know, these type of birch are not Colorado Natives, but I had to try it. We have a high water table here and I just wanted some birch trees. I hope I can keep them alive.
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