Merry Christmas! Kids Can Make Everything Fun!

 Kids can make everything fun.
 And Al and I have a bunch of them.
Eleven, to be exact.
 We’ve never been bored.
 We’ve rarely been lonely.
Always have we been entertained.
And sometimes pushed beyond our limits.
But our children have taught us many things.
And we do our best to enjoy the moments.
 Hopefully we’ve taught them a thing or two.
And hopefully the learning was fun at times. 
 We love their sense of fun.
We love their sense of humor.
 And their sense of adventure.
 Even though growing up can be painful at times.
 There is always room for love and compassion.
 And hugs.
They are ready to try most anything.
And take time to smell the flowers.
And have good conversation.
They’ve been ready and willing, mostly, to try new things.
And discover their passions and gifts.
They probably keep some things secret.
But laughter is only a moment away.
 They love each other with great passion.
 And have become friends along the way.
Sparks fly occasionally.
But they typically are quickly repaired.
They don’t mind taking the lead.
 Or taking a rest when needed.
 I am blessed continually by their smiles.
 And thankful hearts.
 Someone is always off exploring.
 Or trying to get others to follow.
Or gallop off into the sunset.
 Or climb to the top of the mountain.
Some seek solitude.
Others enjoy a crowd.
All of them love snuggling.
They’ll leave their mark on the world.
I am blessed.
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