Nice Day For A Hike

Al and I started the day with coffee at the Coffee Tree here in Loveland, then headed out to Bobcat Ridge for a bit of a hike. I love this old, old, dead Plains Cottonwood tree. Can you see it reaching out, gasping “Help… me..” But it’s too late. 
Lovely tree. 
Sick humor. 
A pretty ridge across from the parking lot.
There were very, very, few birds up there. But we did come upon a nice little flock of Juncos, harboring a few lovely White-winged Juncos.
I love Juncos. 
 This is their preferred habitat.
This is MY preferred Habitat. 
A beautiful bird.
A Sneaky Wabbit. 
Fringed Sage, a favorite plant of mine. 
A view of Devil’s Backbone – see it out there?
A tiny windblown caterpillar. I need to look this baby up.
The End.
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