Kingfisher Cabin on the Lake

Would you like to see the lake we live on? Well, our neighbors paddle boat was left on “our” beach by the former owners kids.. I knocked on the neighbors door to see, if before we return it, could we take a tour of the lake. They weren’t home, so we chanced it. 
Here is a cool view. Our house is about center. Neighbors and lake owners on the left. We are the only two houses on the lake. Yay! For the mountains too.
Just off the beach looking back toward the shop.
A cool stand of cattails right behind our garden. 
 Heading east. The shop would be right behind us.
Looking east and south. 
Here is the backside of Mount Sand. A very cool thing is there is a complex of Bank Swallow nests up high.
Still on the back side of Mount Sand. 
Looking south at the sand mountain. 
Looking west back at the house. The beach you see is ours to use, but not our property. 
 Better view of the beach and house.
From further out on the lake. It’s a big lake! Somewhere around 30 acres. 
We love it and are so very thankful!
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