Early Puppyhood Education – Greta!

Meet my new puppy, Greta, from Grandgables in Moffat, Ontario. 
“Grandgables Ms Melt Ya Heart”  
A more helpful puppy I’ve never met. She got in this basket of delightfully warm clothes on her own.   She can fold pretty well. If I could only teach her to iron!
She’s been here for nearly three weeks now and I started on her “formal” training about two weeks ago. I primarily use clicker training, with other positive, fun methods included as needed. Besides riding in the car, house-training, and other in-home behaviors like “outside”, “kennel” (go in your crate/pen/room), and such we’re working on other fun stuff, all hands off, no collar, no force, no compulsion. Greta is destined for the conformation show ring, but will learn lots of other helpful and creative behaviors. I recently stumbled upon circus dog training, particularly the Bay Area Dog Trainers blog. I am intrigued by their “Macro Medium and Micro” breakdown of behaviors, and their YouTube video channel is not to be missed.  One thing I did with Winnie is really focused on only her show training behaviors – standing and trotting on leash. I really want this puppy to be much more versatile. Winnie tends to default to “stand” and look pretty – sometimes it’s hard to get moving, thinking, behaviors from her. More work needed on getting her “in the game”!
Greta’s “in the game”
Here’s “down”.
Here is a fun one, “On the box”, she jumps up on her own.
I found these small hula hoops at a yard sale. This was only her second time exposed to them. I did use a treat to “lure” her through, you can she she wasn’t convinced – her expression tells all. 
Clicking and treating her for any movement toward the hoop changed her mind! She did this several times easily once she got started. “Hup!”
The always popular “sit”.
 The beginnings of “Touch it”, there is no food in the hand I’m asking her to target.
I use different hand shapes for the different cues. “Touch it” is fingers held as if I had a treat in them, 
“Stand”, below, is index finger pointed, other 3 fingers to the thumb – like you’d do a “d” in sign language.

No cue for this yet. But it’s the best spot from the living room to watch for me coming down the stairs apparently! Easy access from the couch. Hopefully she didn’t use Al’s toothpicks to floss with while she was waiting.

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