Mile High City

 I spent this past weekend in Denver with my husband Al. He has a work conference that lasts through Wednesday and two older daughters agreed to stay home with Maggie, so I got to go.
We had some gorgeous blue sky when you could find it.
Barnes and Noble – look what i found. Julie Zickfoose’s new book The Bluebird Effect. The books were all squished, so I liberated one for all too see. Much better.
There are birds to enjoy even in the midst of the city. This nice lady was feeding these pigeons and the purple cab gentleman was watching as he waited for a customer.
There were some really pretty birds in this flock.
This fella with the orange wings was my favorite. Bold fella, too.
I found some magnificent trees in Civic Center Park – look at this beauty – I think it is a locust.
Lots of ground work happening at the park – check out this magnificent oak – well magnificent for the west anyhow. It was glorious.
A peek at the state capitol building.
Some fun architecture.
Giant, scary Bathroom People.
Citified Buffalo looking for the prairie.
 I went into this store – what a step back in time! Great traditional western wear, some really fancy stuff!
Down at the train station I snapped this shot just as a crow was flying past the clock – see his shadow?
It was a nice weekend. Al and I had some quality time and very nice meals together. When I was not walking around, I had the privilege of sequestering myself in a nice motel room and reading.
And I saw Robot Mike.
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