Tucson to Madera Canyon, Day Three, December 30, 2011

The day started off with an overload of birds at Sweetwater Wetlands, we exited our car to a cacophony of delightful birdsong, making it difficult to decide which way to go first!
 Highlights were Verdin, Common Moorhen, Abert’s Towhee, Harris’s Hawk, Solitary Sandpiper and Anna’s Hummingbird. 
The place was dripping with birds and it was absolutely wonderful.
We left there and headed over to the Shannon-Broadway Desert area on our way to the Desert Museum. Our target bird was Rufous-winged Sparrow and we found it! 
We listened to a song to familiarize ourselves and it answered and showed itself. (seriously, we were not trying to call in the bird) There were two of them. We also had Cardinal, killer looks at Cactus Wrens, and a lifer Black-tailed Gnatcatcher. (Thanks Rick!)
We also enjoyed the Mockingbirds, Curve Billed Thrashers, and numerous Gambel’s Quail.
Next we headed over to the Desert museum. It was crazy packed with people and we didn’t stay long, but we did get the Costa’s Hummingbird! There was a pair on the outer most edge of the park.
Our next stop was the water drip past the Sahuaro National Forest Visitor Center , but it was late afternoon and the only bird moving was a Cactus Wren.
We hit Madera Canyon about 4 pm. It was already in shade from the sun, but we did see Mexican Jay,
Spotted Towhee, Mourning Doves, Wild Turkey, Acorn Woodpecker and a most delightful and brilliant, Hepatic Tanager.
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