Day 6, Portal, Arizona

Woke early again, made coffee and started a toasty fire in the fire place. 
 Chilly here in Portal, about 30 degrees. After a nice breakfast of oatmeal and toaster strudel, we headed back out to the Cave Creek Ranch feeders. Enjoying another show of birds, it was not near as active as the night before, where all our target birds showed up. But we did find this Sharpie.
5 White-tailed deer, 3 of them bucks entertained us. 
We visited the gift shop, bought a few things, then headed up to the Research station – which was closed.
We decided to drive several miles up the Canyon for another try at finding Mexican Chickadee and Yellow-eyed Junco. We found a nice mixed flock of Bushtits, Dark-eyed Juncos, Bridled Titmouse, Juniper Titmouse, but none of our target birds.
We then walked the main street of Portal, which was extremely quiet, so we departed to check out the old Jasper home site, now owned by Bob Rodriquez. We passed it as the sign has been moved and walked down the drive way of someone else, coming upon two hunters taking pictures of the “javelina’ they had killed. They were very kind and directed us to the correct home.
The feeders at Bob R’s place hosted a Canyon Towhee, with cardinals, Pyrrhuloxia,  Curved Billed Thrasher, a lovely Black-throated Sparrow and many White-crowned Sparrows. 
Plenty of Common Peccary with itchy butts..

That was the end of our fabulous trip and we are headed for Santa Fe and home.
Thanks Arizona! It was a blast. We’ll be back.
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