Day 4, Madera and Florida Canyons

Wow, what a day today. It seemed like it took forever for the birds to wake up. We hiked up Florida Wash, but only saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and some wild cows. It was extremely quiet. So we headed over to walk and bird the trail in Madera Canyon from the Madera Canyon Picnic area to the Proctor Trailhead and back. Birding was kinda slow in the morning, except at the lodge feeders we had great looks at the Mexican Jays, Bridled Titmouse, and the Hepatic Tanager again.

The trail birding picked up below Whitehouse area – we came upon a mixed flock that included Dark-eyed Juncos, OLIVE WARBLER & HUTTON’S VIREO, both which were lifers for us. The vireo was right above our heads, and even vocalized for us. It was so very cool to be able to really see the differences between it and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Awesome.

 Not much further down the canyon we found a lovely male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker male and an ARIZONA WOODPECKER, another lifer!

We saw more birds along the way to Proctor, with a nice flock of Western Bluebirds, a Hermit Thrush, Cardinals and curious Mexican Jays that wanted to pick our pockets.

The way back was slow, but we were startled by a vocal group of Mexican Jays that showed us a nice female Arizona Woodpecker. Interesting note on the bluebirds we saw. In the picture below there are three, all snuggled in between the bark and the tree trunk. We watched them for quite awhile shuffle, fly in and out and finally settle in for an early morning siesta. It was very sweet.

Back at the Madera Picnic area we sat and refreshed ourselves and were joined by a curious and darling male WB Nuthatch, foraging, polite, Mexican Jays and an Acorn Woodpecker waiting for a handout.

With reports of Rufous-capped Warblers and a Rufous-backed Robin we headed over to Flow-ree-da Canyon. We hiked to the dam and were captivated by the thick riparian scenery in the midst of the desert. We did see a flick of a bird, but could not refind or see it clearly. No ticks on those two birds, but what a lovely hike. It was rather late in the afternoon, also.

We then continued east on Box Canyon Road to Highway 83 then south to Patagonia, where we spent the night at the Stage Stop Inn. Tomorrow morning we’ll visit the famous Patton’s Yard and feeders.

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