Ptarmigan Time

Living less than an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park is an extreme privilege. Living 75 minutes from high mountain tundra is freakin’ amazing, and I try to partake as often as I can. I’ve always preferred wide open spaces and solitude, and I can certainly find it at the top of this park.

Well, maybe not complete solitude.

Medicine Bow Curve is one of my favorite haunts. I’ve spent many a day there looking for the elusive White-tailed Ptarmigan. Found my first one in the park last June, while with my sister, and friends Becca and Kathleen. What fun.It can be hard to find birds that look so much like their habitat. See it?
Oh! There you are!
Can you see the bird in the picture below? They are over halfway through their winter plumage molt. If you look closely you can see these birds are all banded.
This beauty was not the slightest bit concerned. I was actively looking and nearly stepped on her. She forgave me quickly with a sharp little cluck, and nearly crawled in my lap after I sat down to watch her eat.Then it was nap time. We hung out for quite some time in the welcoming sunshine.She dozed. Peeking and clucking softly now and then. I was captivated, sitting about 10 feet away, I could almost hear her breathe.

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  1. Deb Evers says:

    Very cool! After searching and searching across the tundra, we saw our first right along the shoulder of Trail Ridge Road!

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