Ptarm Again

Being able to find Ptarmigan and spend time with them is marvelous. As far as I could tell, this was the Big Daddy of the group I found. He was not the least concerned with my presence, but I didn’t push my luck either.He kept in pretty constant contact with two of the three youngsters I found.
And his feathering was incredible. Click on the photo to see it closer and look at the diversity of his feathering. Astonishing. He and his flock napped and quietly clucked back and forth to each other for the couple of hours I hung around. It was morning siesta time.
Momma on the other hand after the short nap, noted in the previous post, got busy eating.
She got very busy eating:

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  1. dAwN says:

    Very cool Rocks~I mean birds..Ha..they sure do look like rocks.

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