This Old House & History & Time

Take a look at this, circa 1983. And this, circa 1990,
And this circa 2011:Yeppers, it’s the same house. That little 918 square foot house is wrapped up inside. There are some gems too. As many of you know we are doing some major remodeling. Old oak and Douglas Fir floors were hidden under layers of sub floor, cheap carpet and piled high with “Marmoleum” and fantastic green and gold vinyl. No longer. While most of the Doug Fir was covered with oak, my office is still the original fir.

Here is the kitchen, during destructo time.Here is where the lacing or weaving will happen. Blending the old floor with the new. Underneath is the tantalizing Doug Fir. We chose not to remove the oak as the old floor without it would be very spongy.

Here you can see the new sub-floor, leveled and secure, which will be covered with new oak. Interesting fact. The old oak floor is just “oak”. Back when this was done there was no red oak or white oak designation. So our old floor is both. We get a cool mixture. Keeping it authentic.
The old wood in the kitchen is in pristine shape. It appears it was laid and immediately covered with a lovely green vinyl with gold glitter. Why? The particle board is the new sub-floor. Half of the kitchen is a “new” addition. Done in the early 90’s.
Here is the front of the living room showing the steep slant in the front joists. 2+ inches!
A test sanding spot was done in a few places, which helped them to determine we had both white and red oak.

So the one week job is expanding to two weeks. But we know it will be done right and stunning when finished. That makes backyard and garage camping easier to deal with. ‘An hey! At least it’s not winter!

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