This little patch on the left was supposed to be my Prairie Garden. Turned out to be a forest of Bee Balm and wild Sunflower. It is an incredible 8 feet high and full of American and Lesser Goldfinches. All day long. Feeding their babies. All day long. Babies who WON’T SHUT UP. All day long. How do I know this?

Because, you see, baby goldfinches beep incessantly. And when you are living in your garage while your cool old hardwood floors are being refinished.. You hear them. Beeping.

These babies need food. Constantly. They tell their parents, constantly. You know this because you have your garage doors open to keep cool, while you are in your office garage. The garden is right there.

So are the babies. Beeping. Constantly. All day long.

But I love it, I really do. And I didn’t plant those sunflowers. Killing the grass, mulching and watering a bit, they finally got to grow.

And they did.

The end.

P.S. Maybe I should let the rest of my lawn do this.

What do you think?

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One Response to Beep-a-da-BEEP!

  1. dAwN says:

    I love it- I vote for sunflowers and squeaky finches!

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