I’m standing on my front porch, amazed at the “Prairie Garden” on the left.I think it’s Forest Garden. A Bee Balm and Sunflower Forest Garden. But I’m greeted every morning by the American and Lesser Goldfinches that decorate the tops of the “trees”.
This is what it looks like from the road.
Hopefully it is enticing to people too.
Come take a walk, watch the birds and the bees eat their fill.
This is the hummingbird garden I can see out my front window.
The Agastache are beginning to bloom and the hummingbirds are showing up. I think there is one in this picture, can you see it?
It’s doing a pretty good job of hiding the big, huge house behind it, and bringing smiles to me and the birds. In another week or two the Agastache will be in full bloom, which draws all four species of hummers we tend to get here in Colorado. Anyone know which ones?
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  1. canvas art says:

    The garden is look really good, keep up the great work and hope to see some more photographs of it soon.

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