Brave Moose

I see you, person. I’m not scared I’m a big boy MOOSE.Son! Where have you been?! You should not be alone out here.
I’m OK mom.
I’m hearing things, let’s go son. But..but..

Follow me please, time to go.
This was one of the most touching, amazing encounters with moose I’ve ever had. Lest you think me too close, I used a long lens and was a safe distance away. People were around as this was in a campground my sister and I were birding recently. The eyes and the expressions on the mooses faces were amazing. Please forgive my anthropomorphizing.

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3 Responses to Brave Moose

  1. OKbookwoman says:

    You’re forgiven! Very cool!

  2. Wow thats great, can moose be dangerous then? Do they charge or attack humans?

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