Winner of the May Bird Book Giveaway Is….

Ken Ostermiller!
Congratulations Ken!
Ken won Kenn Kaufman’s new Field Guide to Advanced Birding!
Ken Ostermiller said…

My biggest challenge is when I am birding away from my home state in unfamiliar territory. I’ve been birding long enough that I am not familiar with almost all the common bird songs at home. But when I am in new territory I have to spend several days becoming acquainted with the songs of the birds there. Then it is so easy to assume that you are seeing one of the familiar birds from back home — but often the species are different in a place which is new to me.
Ken Ostermiller

May 10, 2011 3:36 AM

I recently discovered this thing on the internet called The Random Thing Picker. That is what I used to choose a winner. Here is the screenshot below.

Ken, pop me your address in an email and I’ll get the book sent out.
Thank you all for playing!
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