The Glory Of It All

Aah.. the Elusive Mountain Plover. What a glorious bird! My friend Gary Lefko, recently reported on our state list serve that he had had a FORTY-THREE Plover day!
That sounded like fun.

So my sister Lauren and others of the Wrenegade Birding Team headed out to the prairie last week to find Plover. We did. Four actually. For one gal – it ended fifteen years of plover searching. Fabulous!
Well, Lauren and I took another try at it and we did find another few birds. One pair we had a great time watching, photographing and listening to. We could also hear others vocalizing in the area around us, but we could only ever spot one more.
They are a delightful bird, beautiful beyond belief in their muted prairie colors.
If you haven’t ever seen one, it’s time to go look.

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  1. canvas art says:

    What a lovely looking bird, I’m hoping to get out this weekend and try and see it.

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