We Have A Winner! Monthly Book Giveaway

Number 4 was the magic number drawn out of a hat – well actually out of a stainless steel clean dog bowl.

Our March winner is Dave Cameron! He wins this lovely book Bird Feathers.

Congratulations Dave!

Deb and I were birding Pueblo res SP a year or two ago, and found the two just-fledged Great Horned Owlets that someone had told us about. We put a scope on them, and even got some decent digiscoped pics. A mother and two girls (maybe 7 or 8 years old) happened by, and wanted to know what we were looking at, and tried to spot them with plastic drug-store kids’ binoculars. Obviously they couldn’t pick them out. So we dropped the legs on our tripod to get the scope down to small-child’s height, and put the baby owls into the scope again. What looks on those kids faces when they got a look! They were gushing about getting bird guides, telling everyone at school, etc. Nice to inspire kids to want to become interested in birds.

Dave Cameron

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