Late Winter In The Garden

Spring is not far off. I can hardly wait. But winter has been enjoyable in it’s own way.The yard is brown but not too dry thanks to late winter snows.
I’m in the process of cutting back last summers growth.
But I haven’t started yet in these photos.
My winter gardening experiment has been highly successful and very encouraging. The bed below is dormant garlic.
A few lettuce plants survived the deep freezes we had, the ones that didn’t needed more clearance between the ground cover and plant.

The spinach looks wonderful and has started growing again.
I’ll have to make sure I have the inner row cover stretched tighter.
Over wintered scallions.
Baby lettuce plant growing.
Spinach planted in DECEMBER, growing.
Our lovely Plains Cottonwood tree, Simon.
Waiting for spring..
My front perennial garden, before being trimmed down neatly.
I have flats of tomatoes, peppers, flowers and prairie grasses started in the basement.
Spring is coming!

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