So I like birds, OK?

Not to long ago, some friends I know were giving away a pair of Parakeets. “Sure” I said, “We’ll take them.” So Draco (normal green) and Marley (white w/blue) came into our home.

They were in a ridiculously small cage, so of course I hit Craigslist and cruised the ads for a decent cage. Found one all right. It happened to come with two more Parakeets, but heck it was only $50 and quite nice. These two beautiful yellow pied birds joined our clan – I named them Wesley and Buttercup.

Wesley, Draco, Buttercup and Marley
Then they did something I did not expect. They wife swapped. Guess it wasn’t true love for Wesley and Buttercup after all.

So I had to get nest boxes, and had to set up their cage for it. Next thing I knew I was spending hours watching bird behavior right in my office. The reactions to putting the nest boxes up were immediate. Mine! Mine! Marley claimed the first box and defended it from Buttercups advances.

Then Buttercup found the other box and peace was restored.

Well, until the boys got involved. Anyhow, long story short, we have two nests with 5 babies total. What a fascinating thing to watch.

We had eggs..Then we had babies..
And now they are growing so fast..
(check out the full yellow crop of the baby on the left)
I found this sight one early morning. For a split second I thought they were DEAD. Nope, just totally crashed out sleeping.. I’ve never seen anything like this..
Ugly or cute?
Definitely cute.
Marley’s babies are a beautiful pale yellow. Their skin is much lighter than Buttercup’s batch. They look lighter than their father, too.
Somebody’s growing up.
(he teetered and plopped into my lap immediately after this photo was taken!)
I didn’t realize how interesting it would be to have birds in my house. I’ve had pet birds before, but this time their life and behavior really grabbed me.

I may have a couple of these babies available if anyone is interested. We’re handling them a lot so they should be great pets.

I wonder, do any of you have pet birds? Now or in the past? How do or did they help you learn more about the incredible life of birds? Tell me!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve had pet birds since I was four. Parakeets are very fun. They’re curious, super cute and sound like old men when they talk. I write about my cockatiels pretty often if you want to check out my blog.

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