And The Lucky Winner IS….

Number THREE
Bosque Bill!!

Congratulations Bill! My daughter Maggie made the numbers and I shook the bowl good before she drew. Email me your mailing address and I will get the book shipped out.
Thank you all for participating, and check back for our March giveaway!
Below is Bill’s answer to the question:
What was the first bird you remember identifying all by your self?
A surprisingly difficult question 🙂 When I was a kid my mom identified the common birds in the yard or mountains and taught them to me. When I started birding as an adult, it was with the local Audubon Society and they identified what we were seeing until I got my metaphorical feet under me.
But in between, after I first moved to the SF Bay Area I became interested in the birds flying above the lagoon next to my apartment. I bought the Audubon Society Field Guide, the one with all the photographs, and identified a Caspian Turn. So I’ll call that as the first one I did on my own.

I’m sure Donald & Lillian’s book is much better and hope I’m lucky 😉

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