What’s Growing In My January Garden?

I haven’t looked at my garden for a week or so.. I harvested some lettuce right before the snow and buttoned everything up tight. Here is one covered bed and my garlic bed.Here is the other covered bed. Just outside of the fence shade line.

It was good to get the snow, the ground needed the moisture.
I took a quick peek inside the beds. Here you can see the second layer of row cover.
And here you can see spinach seedlings I planted December 2nd. They are actually growing.
Can you see them?
How about now?The other bed has my main crop of spinach. I’ll probably harvest it in about a week. I did not plant enough spinach for us for the winter. It is growing slowly. I think we could have used several beds of spinach alone. Yum.
My Freckles Romaine Lettuce. We’ve had a fresh head every week. So tasty. This one looks good.
This one has a bit of frost damage, I think the top leaves were touching the row cover.
This little beautiful plant is doing just fine thank you!
We have had December temperatures as high as 64 and low as 0.
January has been a bit warmer.

I’m wondering – have any of you that garden tried hoop houses before? I’m totally hooked.

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