I love Januarys.

There is just something fresh about January.
Well, no surprise I’m again tacking the weight/food issue and I’m doing pretty well. I’m eating better foods. I’ve lost six pounds so far with only watching portion sizes. It’s been to darn cold for much walking, but I’ll be out there soon. I’m not stressing about it, but paying attention. It feels good, but for some reason, after spending a majority of my life caring for others – it is a hard thing to focus on caring for me. Don’t get me wrong – I love being a wife and a mother. Love it.
My winter garden is doing fine. It has been a fun experiment. Fresh veggies in winter have been delicious.

Many of you know I have 8 children and 3 step children. Although a couple of the kids don’t keep in touch, Facebook has actually improved my communication with most of the others, and that’s been cool.My Dad moved into our little guest house last spring and things are going well. He’d doing well, adjusting and settling in. He joins us for dinner every night and I’m blessed to have him around.Our family has dwindled to three of us at home not including Dad. I’m OK with that. Some days I miss the hustle and bustle of having a passel of kids at home, and miss that I don’t see some of them very often, but we are adjusting to the smallness. Every now and then one of us cooks a huge meal – reminiscent of large family dinners – and we laugh and ask “Who’s coming for dinner?”
I think I’ve finally made the adjustment to semi-rural living. (Lauren & Becca DON’T LAUGH) It’s working for us. I’m content, Al’s content and Maggie loves the neighborhood. I have plenty of land that is not worked and I’m going to expand my garden this summer which I’m looking forward to. And of course continue to improve the habitat for birds.
So, the other day I stopped in this store, Avalon Aviary that moved to a more prominent location, to say hi and see what I could find for my parakeets. (I worked there for a couple of months in 2008 – not at the store, but at the Aviary, as one of the morning feeders. An intense, critical, early morning job of prepping and feeding the birds – parrots. It was a great experience and I learned a lot – but a bit repetitious for my personality.)

Anyhow. The owner Susanne was there and we started talking. Which resulted in a meeting. Which resulted in a job. Manager of The Rusty Blackbird, the wild bird feed and supplies department of Avalon Aviary Bird Store. It is an exciting opportunity and should be great fun too. The fun thing is I did not go into that store with any idea or expectation of a job.

I’ll still be offering my free monthly bird walks here in Loveland and my classes with the City of Loveland this spring. We’ll also be developing classes and other educational opportunities at The Rusty Blackbird. Stay tuned.

So, yeah. I like Januarys.

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