I Have A Major Crush

We met in church. Me; divorced mother of 7 – he; divorced father of 3. I just knew I was destined to be a lonely single mother for the rest of my life. After all I thought – who in their right mind would marry a woman with seven children?
(He insists he wasn’t in his right mind. But I didn’t put anything in his drink. Honest.)

But he did marry me. And it’s going on 15 years, getting better by the day. And my kids stuck to him like glue. And then we had another.. and hauled her all over the San Juan Mountains.He can rock out a church service I’m tellin’ ya. I usually run the sound board, with admonishment to not lust after the worship leader. I can’t help it.
He loves what he does and I love watching him.
He is mischievous too. Some smiles you can trust. Some you can’t.
Has gorgeous daughters.
And fine lookin’ sons.. (not bad father-in-law either)
Is good with the little ones. (“boat daddy! AGAIN!”)
Can be one cool dude. (So hot! Yikes)
Still smiling after all these years and raising all these kids.
Has the skills and willingness to make all my dream projects come true.
(bigger pond next year??)
Was the best Scope Sherpa a gal ever had while in Costa Rica with Clay Taylor and Amy Hooper.
Obviously loves girls.
Loves the great outdoors.
Loves girls.
Looks absolutely killer in a gorgeous San Diego sunset.
Is an amazing provider. An’ he can cook!
Loves daughters with pink hair.
Takes spiritual things seriously. Here he is baptizing Maggie.
Loves a good hike and a big sky.
Is some kind of Grandpa, who’ll let his grand kids touch and play his guitars.
He does the best he can to keep the dogs happy too. Tough job, but someone has to do it.
He has a way with birds.. can you see it?
This is one of my favorite pictures. I look at it nearly every day.Just in case you didn’t see him well enough in the first one.
Mmmmm. Yep. I like it.I love you, Al.

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