Get Out And Bird! And Make Friends. And Have Fun.

We had an amazing turnout for the January Birding the Big Thompson River Walk series I’m leading here in Loveland today.Fifty-seven people showed up in windy, blustery, cold conditions to see what birds we could drum up out of the brush. Not very many it turned out. Our species list this month was only about 15 – 10 or so fewer than last month.

We visited Morey Wildlife Reserve, with special permission from the city of Loveland to go completely around the pond and along the Big Thompson River. The birds apparently were a bit smarter than we were, as they kept low and quiet most of the morning.

Our species list:

Great Blue Heron

American Goldfinch

Song Sparrow

Black-capped Chickadee

House Finch

American Robin

Dark-eyed Junco – Oregon, Pink-sided and Slate-colored

Canada Goose

Cackling Goose

Black-billed Magpie

Red-tailed Hawk


Common Goldeneye

and Mountain Chickadee.

A nice assortment of our winter residents. It was good to get out, even in the chilly conditions. About 14 of us visited the local Starbucks for a visit and warm up cup before we went about our day.

Join me next month for a visit to JayHawker Ponds on February 19 at 9:00 AM. These ponds are southeast of Taft Avenue and First Street.

While they may still be mostly frozen, it can be a nice little area to bird.

Parking needs special attention here. DO NOT park on the south side of First Street near the gas station and car wash. Well, that is, unless you have a fondness for parking tickets. Please DO park on the north side of first street in the parking lot by the ball fields. I’ll be parking on the western edge of that area. Look for my gray Jeep Liberty. We’ll gather there, then cross at the light and walk over to the ponds. Remember to look both ways.

As before, I am not limiting the number of folks who come – though we’ll hopefully have radios next month so everyone can hear what’s going on. Please DO send me a note at
zblueheron AT gmail DOT com if you ARE attending.

All in all, a nice day for a birding adventure!

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