Winter Gardening – December

So my garden beds in my hoop houses are coming along. This bed below, got hit pretty hard when we had a 12 degree night. I had put a second cover under the plastic, but it was a shower curtain and didn’t protect the plants. Here are the carrots I picked today. The bunch onions look rough, but are still doing fine. Seeds? Yep, I planted more carrots, spinach, bunch onions and oregano on December 3.Another view of the bed. Five broccoli plants are still growing. I pruned the leaves that were hit by the frost. We’ll see how they grow.

Back view of the other bed showing my cheap, unconventional garden bed covers.
Spinach. It’s slowed it’s growth some, but it is still growing. Maybe another week to 10 days to harvest again.
The lettuce on the left is Freckled Romaine. A hint wilted, but still growing. We had 60 degree weather yesterday, so it was a good day to water and refresh the beds.
My five special broccoli plants.
I have some Oregon Grape Holly along the cabin in a mixed planting with Aspen. I love how the holly turns deep purple after a freeze.
We should be getting real winter temperatures soon. It will be interesting to see how things do. I expect if temps drop below 20 for very long I’ll loose everything in the hoop houses. I hope to purchase real row covers of varying weights to put over the plants inside the hoops at some point. This year is an experiment.

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