My Top 20 Birds of 2010

When I look back at all the wonderful birds I’ve seen this past year – it was hard to only pick out 20. But here you go.

This lovely Magnificent Hummingbird visited our feeder set up at a campground along the Laramie River. It visited several times in a 90 minute time span – looking like a 747 amongst Piper Cubs.The Northern Flicker. I just love this bird in all it’s variations.
White-winged Junco. Most of you know of my junco addiction. It was very fulfilling to stumble upon a flock of these beauties recently.
Um.. well.. My first Colorado Bear.
A fantastic Three-toed Woodpecker. Simply not an easy bird to find.
Ooh, Dusky Grouse. It was a miracle we actually saw this bird.
Mountain Chickadees nesting. In the base of a Ponderosa Pine tree. Sweet.
Western Tanager. Tell me why this is NOT the Colorado State bird?
Great Horned Owl chicks. Don’t mess with us, they seem to say. What a treat.
Ptarmigan. Ptarmigan. Ptarmigan. White-tailed Ptarmigan to be exact. Took our breath away this bird did.
While in California – I ventured into the Anza-Borrego Desert. California Quail.
And Lawrence’s Goldfinch. Wowy Zowy.
Along with a lifer Scott’s Oriole.
Back on the coast – A Gorgeous Brant.
With some stunning Heereman’s Gulls.
I had a chance to visit the Western Slope, Cedaredge specifically, and set out to find Pinyon Jays:
A classic Scrub Jay..
and some very entertaining and busy Bushtits.
Out on the Prairie we spotted this beautiful Burrowing Owl.
Scott Rashid shared some lovely Long-eared Owls.
Back near home – A Loggerhead Shrike having lunch.It has been a fun birding year. I wonder what next year will bring?

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5 Responses to My Top 20 Birds of 2010

  1. Jackie says:

    Great pictures Connie! You made my day;)

  2. Becca Reid says:

    If a bear is a bird it is a very BIG one!

  3. Some cracking birds there Connie! Happy New Year to you.

  4. Jackie, thank you. Believe me it was hard to keep it to 20!

    Becca – you know it.

    Fleetwood, thank you, it was a fabulous birding year. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Wonderful 2010 sightings .. many of them would be lifers for me. Wishing you many new and exciting sightings and adventures in the year ahead. Happy New Year!

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