A Nice Lunch

I looked out the window and saw this big hawk doing something on the pole. I was cooking in the kitchen – making cookies.I dashed for my scope and little Canon camera and snuck outside to the front porch. I was spotted immediately.
I focused as fast as I could and starting clicking.
This guy was nearly done with his hot meal. Bit by bit he shredded and swallowed.
Eating every last bit of fur and bone and meat.
Only occasionally glancing in my direction. I’m not thrilled with the light or focus of these shots, but they tell the story.
Finished finally, he had a good shake..
..and then, he left.

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5 Responses to A Nice Lunch

  1. Perhaps the light and focus aren’t optimal for clarity, but they lend to the pix a compelling moodiness. I like ’em!

  2. dAwN says:

    Oh..so fun to watch that..Very cool series!

  3. Thanks Jason, it was an interesting interlude.

    Yes, it was Dawn!

  4. I agree the darnkess and blur adds to the suspense, great series of photos.

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