There’s Always Hope, Isn’t There?

This picture of me was taken about 1986 in Eagar, Arizona. I had 3 children about then. My lovely horse Babe, was a good swimmer, we had fun in the summer.
This pic below is me, today. Yuck. The truth hurts. I know, I know, why on Thanksgiving? I don’t know. Just time I guess. We had a lovely dinner, different than usual which I’ll tell you about in another post. And I didn’t overeat. But I have been, obviously.

Seeing this photo makes me cringe, for sure, showing it to the world even worse. I’ve been successful in the past at losing weight and getting in shape. Something lights the spark and I just do it. But I can’t seem to keep it. Seems like it’s all or nothing. Somehow I’ve got to find a balance. A spark that can burn for a long time, not just a flash in the pan. I know all the tricks, tried nearly everything, but in the end, moderation and exercise work the best for me, if I can stick with it. I’m 50 now. Somehow, some way, I’ve got to make this happen forever.

This photo below was taken in 1996 I think. After bearing 7 children, before I had my eighth. I was busy building and training a string of packgoats for outfitting. I was hiking all the time, I loved it.
I have compassion on folks who struggle with addictions such as alcohol, smoking, etc. You can quit, but it’s a struggle. With food, you can’t quit. But the struggle is still there.

One thing I know.

I’m not giving up.

I’m gonna win this battle.

Wanna share yours?

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2 Responses to There’s Always Hope, Isn’t There?

  1. Becca Reid says:

    That is a VERY cool horse photo! Awesome that you still have those photos! (I’m right there with you!)

  2. Not sure what you see in those pix, but I see a Happy Person. Game, set, match.

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