Sure Don’t Have To Worry About Me Being On Food Network

Or, The Messy Kitchen, Spinach & A Bread Fiasco.
We’re expecting a big storm here (well, maybe not here, but it’ll bring very cold temps) within the next 24 hours so I thought I’d better go pick all my spinach in my hoop houses. Pretty isn’t it? This is going into my Spinach Cannelloni, um, I mean my Spinach Lasagna.
(Somehow I bought no boil flat noodles to boil for the cannelloni, Brilliant)How may people I wonder show the state of their kitchen when they’re in the middle of several cooking projects?
It’s going well despite the “incidents”.
I broke a piece off my food processor while grating Parmesan cheese. Don’t worry I have a spare, and didn’t leave any parts in the cheese.
Hey! Look at this, Spinach Cannelloni. Headed for the fridge, I’ll cook it tomorrow.
No Hey! An Italian Bread Fiasco. The loaf in the back looks better. I hope.
Yep, the loaf in the back looks great, and the deformed loaf we hacked into, buttered and ate for lunch!What’s left of my test pan of Cherry Squares. Do I really need to make another one?
(not this time)
Mouth watering, isn’t it. They did turn out quite good, actually.
Lauren we saved you some.
Now I must go finish the Pumpkin Cream Pies.
..How does it look?
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