My Top 10 Favorite Gifts For Bird Lovers

Let’s face it. I’m addicted to birds and to the things that bring them closer to my yard while expanding my knowledge and enjoyment of them. I decided to share with you what I love the most of what’s out there for backyard and more serious bird lovers.

Number 10: Allied Precision Industries Bird Bath De-icer
Of all the bird bath de-icers out there, this one takes it. Low profile, long cord, works like a charm. Keeps my larger than bird bath mini-ponds open all winter. I even keep my pumps on all winter. I love this!

Number 9: Aspects Quick-Clean Seed Tubes
These tube feeders are the best. Made to last, attractive and tough, the birds really like these. They also have Niger Seed Tubes. Cover them with a cage and you can keep big birds out if you prefer. Aspects makes these for Wild Birds Unlimited also, and that’s the best place for finding cages to fit. I LOVE these feeders.

Number 8: Opposable Chums – Guts & Glory at the World Series of Birding.
Wondering how far birding can actually go? Watch this fantastic movie. What are you waiting for?
Tell Jason I sent you.

Number 7: Eco-Tough Seed Tray Feeders
I love that these feeders are made of recycled milk jugs. Each one uses like 28+. That’s a lot of plastic kept out of the landfills. While I think the seed trays are fantastic – I don’t care for the design of the hopper feeders. Too much seed falls on the ground. I know that’s the intent, but I don’t like it. But the trays are super. I have three – so far.

Number 6: Great Bird Films – Watching Warblers
Michael Male and Judy Fieth have made some extraordinary bird films. I have two and watch them over and over. Check out these – you won’t be sorry. Several great titles to choose from.

Number 5: Birdorable!
A delightful assortment of goods with great bird art. T-shirts, mugs, bags. You name it, you can find it, with a wonderful Birdorable Bird of your choice. They do custom birds too!

Number 4: WBU APS Hardware System
Absolutely, positively the best pole system on the market. Sturdy, attractive, customizable. I like to say it’s a great system for women – they can change it up whenever the mood strikes. But Hey Guys – you’ll like it to. If anyone thinks there is a better system out there I wanna hear about it.

Number 3: Wingscapes BirdCam 2.0
I love my Wingscapes BirdCam. I have the first edition model, so no flash, but I’m sure this one is amazing. Great product, great customer service. Did I say I love this?

Number 2: The Sibley Guide To Birds
I have a lot of field guides. This is the best of the best as far as I’m concerned. Yes, it’s big. Yes it’s heavy. But take it to the field anyway. You won’t be sorry. Sure, I know, there is an iPhone App too and I have it. But nothing can replace this book. Get it.

Number 1: Bird Watchers Digest
There are many great bird related magazines out there, but I’ve subscribed to this one since the early 1980’s. It is still my favorite. If you don’t subscribe, you should. Lots of great articles, book reviews, Q & A’s. Fun stuff. A great gift! (or get it for yourself)

(I have not received products, services, or payment of any kind from these companies for this plug. I just love this stuff, please them I sent you!)
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, I just bought that feeder in #9! I’m glad to know it’s birder approved.

  2. Lori says:

    Connie I was hoping to attend your 12/18 bird watching tour but have a conflict. Do you know if there will be another after that? Are they posted on your blog? Thanks and Happy Holidays, Lori

  3. Lori – email me at zblueheron AT gmail DOT com and I’ll get you updated.

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