Tweet Ups & Meet Ups

I told you I’d tell you about meeting a Twitter friend. Here is Annette, me, and my sis Lauren after we shared coffee and a meal together at Kind Coffee on 150 E Elkhorn Ave. If you haven’t visited this place – it’s worth a stop. Great coffee and a breakfast burrito you don’t want to miss, plus elk hang out right outside the windows. Fun
It was great fun meeting Annette and her husband Jerry. Thanks for taking the time guys! We never lacked for a thing to talk about.

Lauren and I then headed up towards the YMCA to the East Portal Trail. I’d been out there before, but never up the trail.

It was nice. Kind of steep, but we didn’t go far as we wanted to enjoy the forest and the Mountain Chickadees.
It was beautiful.Great little stream with little waterfalls.
Little pools and moss.And at the end of our section of trail, a wonderful little pond.
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  1. dAwN says: cool that you two could meet up and spend some time together!!

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