I Thought My Jeep Was Going To Disappear

Continuing on my journey from Buckhorn Road I came to the start of Flowers Road. I was pretty excited about taking this road and a tad bit nervous about what I might find in road conditions.
I found a lovely Hairy Woodpecker busily hunting for food.In the wet, low lying areas Robins were everywhere. Zooming chasing and bombarding each other while hogging all the mud holes. I even crept up on a small flock of Wild Turkeys. Sweet.Much of the road was rocky and dry, but every so often I came upon this kind of stuff which was no big deal.
The views were stunning.
I walked around this pond and meadow for awhile. It’s interesting how much your body AND mind are AWARE of everything going on when you are way, way out in the middle of nowhere.

This was a pretty steep downgrade, no problem really.
But. BUT. There was a hole, a very, very BIG hole, that scared me enough that I forgot! to take a picture of it. Seriously. It was preceded by several small holes on one side or the other. I started out on the left, chickened out, backed up, and went to the right. Either way I was SURE I was going to slide down into this hole. Forever. And ever. I was mentally preparing for a six mile walk in the wild, wild, west, alone, to Carol’s house.

But I made it.
No kidding.
After a huge sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks, I kept going on.
Then I found this nice spot, parked, climbed up on the top of my car and had a nice lunch.

There were several more holes, steep drops and rocky areas after that, but none as scary or impassible looking as the monster hole.
I got out many times to walk and explore this gorgeous country.

Ending my day at my friend and birder Carols house for a chat.
It was a good day.

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